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Nov 05, 2021
hey ken, dw I've been there. in fact I took the sat recently too and my score sucked. But amidst this frustration I learnt that you just need to calm down and no matter how bad your score is, look at the positive side of it. It means you have alot to work on, but it's also a milestone a motivation, an incentive that you need to push and get that desired goal. Dont let this one score demotivate you or determine your abilites. Your abilites and goal is determined by how much dedication, persistence and hardwork your willing to put in. Im there for you, if you wanna hv a private chat sm time but I rly hope this helps. Cause I've been through it and ik the frusttration but never GIVE UP. The difference between people who are successful and the ones who fail is their midnset. " Success is no accident, it is hardowrk, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all love for what you are leanrning to do". so i found ways to love doing the sat. Initially it was hard BUT I ended up getting a 1600. So ill tell you what i found so great about the sat: 1) Sat Is beautiful in more ways that one, it tests you on your simplest topics yet twists your mind,its upto you to recognize that trick- by telling yourself that you already know the answer and that this is just a trick question really helps!!! 2) each answer can be applied to daily life situations, you get to see the world from 4 different perspectives!!!! And this is a test of your committment and mental strength more than anythign. SO stay stong and stay positive and ik you can achiver anything you set your mind too:))))) best of luck! Cooly-