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About Us:

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To make you happy and bring out the best in yourself! 

The team:

Hi, I'm Mehak-



My story:

I've been through some hard times and I'm sure you've been there too.

But what matters is how we get back up...

This is what inspired me to make Bopen.

Listen to the rest of the podcast for more and I hope my story gives you company:)

Hi I’m Maanya,

    I joined bopen because I really like the concept and I felt I could add something to it .

Hey there! I’m Pragati,

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Another seventeen-year-old who's passionate about advocating female rights, and promoting mental health around us. I love reading, baking and expressing through art and literature:)

Why Join The Bopen Team? 

Happy. save lives

many are going through severe mental depression.  We help them feel better by giving them the support of this Community. 

Inpsire and influence

 people from all over with your skills.

Be Creative:

we welcome all ideas as each one is unique. 

Best,fun and safe

 work spaces. whats the point if you dont enjoy while working?     

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