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“ Is it wrong to be me?”

#socially related #self- esteem.

Have you ever felt empty from the inside? Like really sad and that life just sucks right now?

Well, that's how I am feeling. Nothing is going right. 😣 every time I try to be myself, I am confident something just gets messed up. 😰

So basically what happened was that I joked around and said some “out of the bloom things” in enthusiasm🤡. I was really happy and that's how I like to share my excitement with other people.

It's the one time I don't care about people at all, and all of a sudden the next day I hear my friends telling me about how people were bitching behind my back, saying that “ I’m weird”, “ Who would ever want to be friends with someone like that?”, “ I hate her”😒.

This happened a number of times. At first, it hurt, it hurt a lot.😞 Then as time went by, talking to people who I trust showed me that I was not alone. That no matter how you are there will always be people who don't like you, and that's okay.

You should enjoy it with the ones who do like you. 🤠. Who cares for you no matter how you are.

That's the advantage of being yourself. You drive away all the people who aren't meant to be your friend and attract the ones who do.😄 I realized that as long as I loved myself and was confident about who I am, people's harsh comments did not matter anymore. Because I can never decide the music life plays for me, 🎶but I can choose how I want to dance to it.

~ anonymous

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